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Pelican3d offers high quality 3d objects for a myriad of venues including low vertice platforms such as AW. 3d objects can be formatted to your needs including rwx, max, obj, lwo, etc..

Polygonal Modeling:
We create accurate, detailed meshes that animate beautifully and are grouped correctly. No project is too big or too small and our prices average at least 50% lower than the competition. Texture Creation:
We specialize in both high and low resolution textures for film, broadcast, print and multimedia applications. Texture maps can be provided in nearly all popular digital formats. We can even reference colors from US government specifications laid out in FS595b to reproduce accurate paint schemes for military equipment.
Texture Mapping:
Let us professionally texture your 3D for the ultimate in realism. From a pristine clean appearance to a weather-beaten, faded-out free 3d objects look, we can get the job done right.3D Digitizing:
We use a highly advanced and accurate 3D digitizing system, and with it, we can reproduce just about any you can think of in 3D. 3D Model Format Conversion:
We have the tools to convert your 3D data to many popular free 3d objects formats with all texture mapping in place. Some of the file formats we often work with are MAX, 3DS, Lightwave LWS, Wavefront OBJ, AutoCAD DXF, SoftImage HRC, and Maya MB

Compare Figures 1 and 2. Did you notice a difference (beyond the basic shape)? Interestingly, the cylinder has a top, but the box doesn't. In fact, the box doesn't have a bottom either. It turns out that when you add a thickness to objects: Circles, 2D solids, and polylines with a width greater than zero have tops and bottoms. Polylines and closed line figures do not have tops or bottoms. You can also change the current thickness for new objects, which is like changing the current layer or color. All new objects are created using the current thickness. The easiest way to change the current thickness is to: Select Properties from the Standard toolbar to open the Properties window with no object selected. Click the Thickness property item

and enter a new value. Start drawing. You can also use the ELEV command to change the current thickness, as explained in the next section. Caution: You probably don't want every new object in your drawing to have the new thickness, so be sure to set the thickness back to zero when you are finished creating the necessary objects. Placing Objects with Elevation Elevation defines where on the Z axis the object sits. When you are creating , you don't necessarily create all of them at the same elevation. When you want to place one object above or below another object, use elevation. A positive elevation is above the XY plane (where Z = 0); a negative elevation, below it. To change the elevation of an existing object: Select the object, open the Properties window, and change the value of the Elevation item. OR Use the MOVE command. For example, to change the elevation of an object from 3 units to 1 unit: Start the MOVE command. Enter 0,0,-2 at the Specify base point or displacement: prompt. Press the Enter key at the Specify second point of displacement or use displacement as point first: prompt Google se page