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Item# 17 Indian Corn Swag
4 colors reminiscent of an autumn's day. This one piece set of 4 indian corn bundles is the perfect accent for halloween and autumn displays.
Item# 119 Covered Bridge A
Wooden Covered bridge showing it's age.
Item# 336 Mesmero
Fully articulated avatar featured in Pelican world. Every world needs this watchdog lump of "joy". It's Mesmero, gentle companion to aw citizens. Watches your 3d world while you're away. Makes a great bot avatar. Have him "look at" someone...sure to drive them nuts! Great way to drive off unwanted visitors! Easy to care for...doesn't need to be fed.
Item# 337 Christmesmero
So THAT's how Santa does it!
Item# 338 Mesmer-armed
What a great dancer! Watch out for the grenade!
Item# 339 Mesmer-geek
Mesmer-wise sports extra cognitive ability with his electric range burner propeller beanie. Mesmer-wise brings wisdom to the world owner.
Item# 340 Mesmero-blue
There's just too much to say about the little blue guy. Either that, or I can't think of anything. You'll have to come to Pelican world.
Item# 341 Pelican Texture Pack #1
50 royalty-free textures in 256 x 256 format
Item# 343 Hot-Air Balloon
Gas ignited lift engine, sandbag counterweights, basket on rip-stop nylon air bladder. Fits 2…real close
Item# 369 Clipper Ship 1
Wooden 3-masted Clipper Ship for pirate adventures
Item# 388 Beech Trees - Set
Set of 6 richly colored beech trees with defined bark detail. Includes 6 Canopy objects for extending forests.
Item# 425 Pool - Baroque 1
Stone watergarden in baroque style
Item# 453 BasketPots
15 baskets used as open air pottery. Good for indiand and tribal builds.
Item# 454 Pelican_Lovebirds
Pelican_Island Lovebirds
Item# 494 Glass Vases Collection
13 Glass vases using create matfx coef=.7 tex=self,corona c_sun size=4
Item# 509 1940's Street Diner
Olde time eatery, cup o' joe and a hot dog. Has kitchen, counter and dining area. Streetside walkup service.
Item# 512 Aquarium
Angelfish, sabellid tubeworms,corals, sponges, anemones in a large fish tank with a bakground of your choice.





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